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SAIL TRIM SIMULATOR USER GUIDE pdf User Guide for Tablet& Phone Upwind Sail Trim Simulator Apps. Apps available at the iTunes App (IOS)& Google Play (Android) Stores.THE THREE PHASES OF THE MATCH RACE PRESTART. The PreStart begins at 4: 00 minutes to start. It can be broken down into three distinct phases. Each phase has its own objectives, strategies and tactics. Here are some thoughts on each Phase. (Fig. 6 8 three phases of prestarts) Phase 1) Entry& Initial Meeting Phase (from 4: 00 3: 00 min. to start) match racing tactics pdf

Match Racing Book on CDRom by John Cutler and Henry Menin Modern Match Racing Tactics and Techniques Coauthored by one of the top racers and one of the premier referees on the world match racing circuit, the Match Racing CD is an ebook, combining text and color illustrations to explain the intricacies of match racing.

Jan 27, 2012 Match Racing Moves For Fleet Racers. This is true upwind and downwind. On the other hand, if you are on starboard, use the Starboard Card. If you allow your opponent to pass astern, you give up the Card without a fight. If the next crossing is close, your opponent is likely to have the advantage. Sp ed& marts# 128 1. X. O. The start of any sailboat race is a critical moment that will have a big effect on your potential success in that event. If you get off the line cleanly with clear air and good speed, heading toward the favored side, youve made a great first step.match racing tactics pdf BASIC MATCH RACING UNDERSTANDING THE GAME INTRODUCTION What is match racing? A match race has been likened to a chess match on the water. It is a race between two boats, usually identical, over a prescribed course. There is no handicapping. Each team tries to outwit the other through superior crew work, tactics and strategy and

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It is all here, plus pages of solo and pairs drills you can use to quickly improve your match racing skills. The Playbook includes an addendum covering the Experimental Match Racing Rules and related changes in tactics. Download the following PDF files for additional reference: Basic Needs for Running a Match Race PreStart Dos and Donts match racing tactics pdf Mar 22, 2013 Match race sailing is easy to follow. A Match Race consists of two identical boats racing against each other. This oneonone duel is a game of strategy and tactics; there is no second place. Sailing. Americas Cup is a category of sailing called match racing in which two similar boats go head to head in a race or set of races to decide which boat has the better crew competing on board. In sailing there are three main ways of competing in order to find the best sailor, crew or boat. VIDEO: On winning the match race prestart. The times are time to start which you can see on the screen. You can hear the onboard communications between the sailors which is very good. 4: 00 Spain enters Yellow; Australia enters Blue 3: 45 Dial Up (note how Spain stays back which is safer in big waves and wind) 3: 00 Spain exits Dial Up Nov 30, 2016  After a stint at the Chicago Match Race Center and winning the Congressional Cup with Ian Williams, I had my eyes opened to using matchrace tactics in fleet racing