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The Laws of Table Tennis. The basic rules of table tennis If you're just starting to play and you need to know the basic rules of table tennis, you'll find them here The official rules of table tennis The official rules of table tennis are known as The Laws of Table Tennis so if you need to check the official wording, you can read them hereSep 24, 2018  Here are the common questions and answers (FAQ) for the basic ping pong rules. If you are new to this sport, you should read these table tennis regulations. If not, test yourself if you can answer all of these questions Ping Pong Rules for Dummies. table tennis rules double hit

Sep 26, 2012  Basic Table Tennis Rules. Ive summarised the official (and very long) rules of the ITTF in these basic table tennis rules. These should be all you need to start playing a game. Service Rules. The service must start with the ball in an open palm. This stops you from throwing it up with spin. The ball must be thrown vertically, at least 16 cm.

Jeff Plumb Answered 5 years ago. The rules were changed recently. Now if the ball hits both your hand and the bat and it is not intentional it is play on. These are the ITTF rules now. Take a look at our video response to the question Hand or Finger Foul. If it was one continuous motion, without a second intentional swing or push, then it is a legal shot even if it hit your racquet twice in the one swing. It is also your call to make and not your opponent's. For the Friend at Court handbook and more information on the rules of tennis, visit the rulestable tennis rules double hit The serve can bounce more than one time on your opponent's side of the table. If it does bounce more than once, this is a point for the server, since the receiver must hit the ball after the ball has bounced only once on his side of the table. The ball, having been served or returned, shall be struck so that it passes over or around the net assembly and touches the opponent's court

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In the past, you were not allowed to hit the ball twice, so if the ball hit your finger, and then bounced off your finger and hit your bat, this was considered a double hit and you lost the point. If the ball had hit your hand and the bat at the same time, then this was not a double hit, and the rally would continue. table tennis rules double hit This means that in order to play doubles, the table tennis doubles rules state that you must have a table which has a centre line marked on it. If the ball touches the centre line during service in doubles, the service is in .