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2019-10-14 01:05

Sep 12, 2016 The court line tape machine is one of the seven tools we recommend for success as a gym floor contractor, and for good reason. Smooth, crisp edges are basically a guarantee when you use this machine. Make your handiwork really stand out from your competitors who tape their lines by hand! A radius attachment is available for separate purchaseHand Tools. In order to ensure the highest quality sport surfacing results, SportMaster supplies the finest grade of tools for the job. From the sport squeegee and patching straightedge, to the line taping machine, we carry many of the specialty tools used by professional tennis court tennis court line taping machine

If you are using our CourtLiner Line Taping Machine this is the tape you will need. Our tape has all the characteristics required to ensure professional lines. It sticks well, minimizing paint bleeding, yet is easy to pull up without leaving glue residue on the court surface. Tape should not be left on the court

Line Taping Machine A must tool for striping tennis courts, pickleball courts, QuickStart tennis courts, basketball courts, and other surfaces where precision markings are required. Precisely lays down 1 inch to 2 inch wide masking tape for 1 to 4 inch wide lines. Comes with Straightliner Tape Machine (Straight Lines Only) The Straightliner is the fastest and easiest tool to mask court boundaries for painted lines. The tool lays parallel masking tape lines precisely and evenly up to 112, 2, 212 or 3 apart. Can use 1 or 2 wide masking court line taping machine Line your court like the Pros with ease, and cut your labor by 90. Rent one of our line taping machines. The tape machine rents for 311. 95 per week but we ask that you pay a deposit of 471. 95. We will refund any balance due upon return of the machine. Video Demonstrating How To Use The tape machine

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A line taping machine has a center guide rod that protrudes from the front of the taping machine. When using, you simply follow the single centered chalkline with the center guide. The use of a line taping machine and a longhandled 2 roller will cut the time to stripe a court by 60 to 70 of the time required by laying the tape by hand and tennis court line taping machine There are two ways to place masking tape on a court when doing the 2 wide lines. By hand, laying tape one side of the line at a time, or by using a line taping machine which holds two rolls of masking tape and lays two tapes at a time spaced 2 apart. A line taping machine will cut the line layout time and placement of masking tape by 6o to 70.