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2020-04-05 16:13

Jun 13, 2016 You can see an example in Ways to pattern match generic types in Scala from Jaakko Pallari. Typeable is a type class that provides the ability to cast values from Any type to a specific type. The result of the casting operation is an Option where the Some value will contain the successfully casted value, and the None value represents a cast failure.Jun 09, 2018  14 Types Scala Pattern Matching Syntax, Example, Case Class a. Variable Patterns. An identifier for a variable pattern begins with a lowercase letter. b. Typed Patterns. Typed patterns are of the format x: T, where x is a pattern variable c. Pattern Binders. Pattern binders look like [email protected] d. match type scala

Mar 27, 2013  What am I doing wrong here scala def foo(a: Any) a match case x @ (Int) x foo: (a: Any)Int. type scala val a 100 a: Int 100 scala foo(a) scala. MatchError: 100 (of class java. lang. Integer) at. foo(: 8)? Kevin Meredith Apr 7 '14 at 17: 36

This shows that Scala was able to optimize your match expression to a tableswitch. (This is a good thing. ) (This is a good thing. ) Next, make a minor change to the code, replacing the integer literal 2 How can the answer be improved?match type scala May 22, 2015 Scala Pattern Matching on Different type of Seq [duplicate Ask Question 1. 0. This question already has an answer here: How to pattern match head and tail types of a scala list? 1. Scala pattern match on type parameter. 0. Generic pattern matching and type erasure. 1.

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