Uma racing block 53mm ex5

2019-11-14 14:06

Mar 29, 2019 Episod kedua (Part 2) proses baikpulih serta upgrade motosikal EX5 Class 1. Pada kali ini, ia melibatkan pemasangan Blok 53 mm Taikom Racing, spark plug NGK standard dan High Cam Uma Racing.for honda Ex5 dream100 Wave100R manufatured: Uma Racing Bimetalic casting with steel liner Larger cooling fins cyclinder liner cutaway size: 53mm full set block with piston& ring, piston shaft, piston pin& gasket price: only rm2xx may drop your message in our pages inbox for more detail& pricing for more UMA uma racing block 53mm ex5

Both materials are strong and durable. The aluminium cylinders are lined with a steel sleeve to provide a tough wear resistant surface for the piston rings slide against. The ceramic palted cylinder block kit is an alternative if you are looking for superior heat dissipation. Both block kits

UMA Racing ALL PRODUCT, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TO IMPROVE RELIABILITY, FUNCTION OR DESIGN OR OTHERWISE. Write a Dec 25, 2011 For Honda EX 5 Dream Racing block 53mm Increase the speed of top speed and pick up. Best for Drag racing and highway speeding. 1 set include block, piston, ring, pin and circlip Price: RM 85 Cash& Carry in K. L. area Postal service available The price above is not include postal feesuma racing block 53mm ex5 product information 02b racing block 53mm w piston ex5 dream advantage 1) increase borepiston size to 53 mm. 2) lightweight. 3) increase

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