Maynard ferguson trumpet players

2019-11-15 17:59

Sep 10, 2009 Above is a picture of Fats Navarro smoking while playing the trumpet. And above is a famous picture of Dexter Gordon puffing away. Anybody who plays a wind instrument and smokes should consider quitting. I recall seeing Maynard's band in 1964, and baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber was chainsmoking Parliaments while playing on the bandstand.Jazz legend Maynard Ferguson far surpassed the title trumpet player; he was an internationally renowned bigband leader, one of the worlds great brass players, composer, arranger, dedicated music educator and instrument designer. maynard ferguson trumpet players

Maynard Ferguson, Trumpet Player, bandleader. Ferguson emerged from bigband swing and worked his way through jazz, bebop, rock, funk, disco, and fusion. When he wasn't actually playing his horn, he conducted, cueing his men, or just snapped his fingers and enjoyed the music. He has been a hustler, a tireless worker,

Maynard Ferguson Background information Birth nameWalter Maynard Ferguson BornMay 4, 1928 Verdun, Quebec, Canada DiedAugust 23, 2006 Ventura, California, United States GenresJazz, jazz rock, jazz fusion, pop OccupationMusician, bandleader InstrumentsTrumpet, flugelhorn, Firebird, trombone, valve trombone, superbone, baritone horn, French horn, soprano saxophone Years Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band Player Roster and Bios Gary Underwood One of the original founding members of this tribute band, Gary has a passion for music education and hopes to be able to share the great music of Maynard Ferfuson and other jazz greats, while engaging and educating students throughout Florida.maynard ferguson trumpet players

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