Dunlop stage 3 tennis balls

2019-11-15 20:03

Junior Tennis Balls Sponge, Red, Orange& Green. The low bounce Mini Tennis Orange ball slows the game down to a speed that gives players time to play good basic tennis shots and enables them to have maximum fun playing the game! Mini Tennis Red. This is the first stage of Mini Tennis and is very important for building skills and confidence.The Dunlop red starter game ball offers a larger size and are 75 slower than a normal tennis ball. Designed for ages 6 and under and ideal for stage 3 play on a 36 foot court. The ball is low compression designed especially for beginners. 12 Pack dunlop stage 3 tennis balls

The Stage 3 Red Felt Tennis Balls are designed for play on a 36foot court and bounce 75 slower than regular tennis balls. These low compression tennis balls help beginners develop skill and consistency. The Stage 3 Training Tennis Balls contains 72 balls per case.

TENNIS BALLS Unmatched durability, reliable performance Shop Now. TENNIS STRINGS Find the perfect racket string for your game Shop Now. Dunlop and Srixon have joined forces, blending more than 100 years of experience with the precision craft of Japanese engineering. Racket Fitting Dunlop tennis balls are specially crafted for longlasting bounce and feel. If youre going through tennis balls faster than youd like, Dunlop may be the just the solution. Whether youre interested in the Dunlop Slazenger the official ball of the Championships at Wimbledon or just some starter balls for your budding young tennisdunlop stage 3 tennis balls Dunlop ATP Regular Duty Tennis Ball Can 3. 75 Dunlop ATP Extra Duty High Altitude Tennis Ball Can 3. 75 Dunlop ATP Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Can 2. 49

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