Best boxing matches of last 10 years

2019-10-14 01:08

Best of Boxing, is the annual ranking of the best boxing fights of the year 2016, matches rated by AllTheBestFights. Clicking on the names of the boxers you can watch and rate the video of the fight (if it is available on the web) and read some info about it.Nov 09, 2012 The Top 10 Fights of the Past 30 Years. For years, fighters like Corrales, Castillo, Ward and Gatti have given us memories to last a lifetime and have left us hoping to see more fights like these. These are the fights that make the sport of boxing the greatest sport in the world. For the past 30 years, we have seen many of these epic battles, best boxing matches of last 10 years

These are the top 10 boxing fights from the last 20 years. Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Erik Morales, February 19, 2000, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas The Barrera vs. Morales trilogy is one of boxing's most renowned fight trilogies, involving two of Mexico's most decorated fighters.

10: Worst refereed boxing matches in last 10 years. 18. Aug. Think about the most inept and biased calls youve seen in recent years before reading where AgbekoMares ranks in Doug Fischers list of the top 10 worst refereed fights of the past decade. Your destination for the best boxing Jan 24, 2015 Ranking the 10 Best Slugfests in Boxing from the Past 10 Years. Pierce Egan's famous line is usually shortened in modern usage to The Sweet Science, but the full phrase he employed in his classic Boxiana serial was The Sweet Science of Bruising. . For all the artistry inherent in pugilism, hurting the other guy has always been the main boxing matches of last 10 years

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