10 most mismatched celebrity couples

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The most mismatched celebrity couples. As Paula Abdul and her (fictional) boyfriend, a rapping cat, once told the world, opposites attract. . They should know, seeing as how they had a love thing going on that nothing could stop, not even their myriad differences.

Sep 17, 2013 Top 10 Mismatched Celebrity Couples 1. Cher and Anybody. 2. Sammy Davis Jr. and Linda Lovelace. 3. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood. 4. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. 5. Gene Simmons and Diana Ross. 6. Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky. 7. Bette Midler and Geraldo Rivera. 8. Flava May 28, 2018 In the world of television and Bollywood, there are some stars who got married to the people of the cinema. There are ten pairs that are not looking perfect from anywhere so let's have a look at 10 Most Mismatched Celebrity Couples in India. 10 Most Mismatched Celebrity Couples in India 1. Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta10 most mismatched celebrity couples

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