California crushing cars for street racing

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Authorities Impound 60 Cars in a Street Racing Sting. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), if a vehicle is impounded for speed racing, the towing, storage, and possible lien fees can bring the cost up to 1, 100.Jun 25, 2007 Car crushing in California OffTopic Car Forums Automotive Forums. com Car Zavala, who admits he's been involved in street racing, estimates he and his mother spent about 10, 000 on improvements to his car. I never knew I cost so much to make a honda fast. steviek. california crushing cars for street racing

Jun 21, 2007 Also, it's simple enough to get a weapon off the street. With the impounded cars, they'll probably attract buyers looking for a good deal on cars they can modify, and then it'll go right back into street racing. By crushing the cars, they make both the cars and parts harder to get, hopefully resulting in less street racing.

Forum for collectors of diecast cars, with a particular focus on 164. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. ALL. UNREAD. SUBSCRIBED. PARTICIPATED. Swifty's Garage Parking Lot Free Parking: Off Topic Can California Crush Illegal Street Racing? Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 10 posts Can California Crush Illegal Street Dec 28, 2012 Ontario, Ca. Street Racers got caught racing or had stolen engines and or trans where found nuisance and therefore a judge ordered these cars destroyed. Whencalifornia crushing cars for street racing Oct 08, 2007 US cops say get tough on hoons Article from: The Daily Telegraph By Peta Hellard in Los Angeles August 09, 2007 12: 00am CALIFORNIA police are urging their Australian counterparts to embrace a zero tolerance policy against illegal street car racing and crush the cars of offenders.

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Oct 07, 2010 Street racing in California (Consequences) Racing Forum. Forum Post Reply IMHO its deserved. Get caught street racing you go to jail and your car is crushed. It not only hurts the individual with the fines and jail time but is a double whammy to his pocket book since he would have to rebuild another car. Street racing in California california crushing cars for street racing Street racing is dangerous to participants and others in the area, he said. even if you werent racing, they had permission to crush your car, he said. Californias kindergarten California Street Racing Laws California street racing is defined as a speed contest and is illegal and punishable by law. Speed contest is defined as a race of a vehicle against another vehicle or a clock. Paul Walker weeps: California turns to crushing street racers. The state of California has taken a hard line against illegal street racing, the type of which has on occasion led to the death Jun 25, 2007  link Cars crushed in street racing crackdown I was under the impression the cops could repatriate stolen parts, but crushing the cars seems like a violation of the person's basic human rights. Are street racers in southern cal so thick that the cops feel inclined to send their cars