Tight armbands on football players

2019-11-15 18:13

Players may wear bicep bands as fashion statements. Players on NFL and college football teams wear bicep bands. Bicep bands range in color and size and can be worn on one or both arms. The bands are made from old socks, swatches of stretchy material or athletic tape. Nike and the NFL also have their own lines of logoendorsed bicep bands.Football players have visors, baseball players have armbands and basketball players have arm sleeves; athletes in every sport deck themselves out in extra equipment, but what does it actually do? It seems like its impossible to watch a game anymore without someone having some sorts of armbands tight armbands on football players

Armbands are regularly seen on the football field. These are not your traditional wristbands, but rather bands of varying thicknesses and widths that players usually wear on or near their upper arms. Players wear these armbands for fairly straightforward reasons, according to The New York Times.

Sep 25, 2009 Arm Bands Worn By Football Players. September 25, 2009. It never actually worked effectively for that because the bands would need to be applied very tight almost like a tourniquet to provide countertraction and prevent inflammation. So they were then discontinued. However, during their use, as more and more of the players began to wear Answer: Bands that are worn the wrist are for sweating, however most all football players, tennis players etc; will wear tight bands around their elbows because the tendons of the elbow slowly andtight armbands on football players But players no longer keep those bands down at their wrists. If you watch football, you've seen bands up by the elbow or skinny bands circling the biceps of football players, or even similar bands around the players' knees. In some cases, the bands are homemade, while others are purchased, not for the wrists, but for upper arms.

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