Making table tennis table

2019-12-12 10:35

May 24, 2019 So if you would like to build your own table just for the fun of the experience, go ahead. If you are hoping to build a competition quality table and save a few bucks along the way, think again, and then buy a cheap brand name table and save yourself the frustration. You can check out my guide to choosing a pingpong table.Dec 22, 2012 I was going to buy a pingpong table, but then I decided to build one on my own. I used two sheets of 12 Baltic birch plywood for making table tennis table

For 2012 christmas, my 11 years old son asked for a table tennis table as his Christmas gift. I went to a local sports store and the basic STIGA table was 7000 bolivares worth (i live in Venezuela), it is a lot of money for me: (, so I decided to build a home made table tennis table.

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