Badminton or tennis

2019-09-17 10:27

Jul 19, 2017 The discussion on the better game between badminton and tennis is certainly an intriguing one. Arguing that one is more fun than the other sounds low as all sports games should be fun. However, with a closer look, there are several differences between these two games.Jan 24, 2018 Badminton, on the other hand, is a close relative to tennis that is played indoors by professionals and amateurs alike. Both racket games are exciting and together have influenced the development of other racket games such as pickleball, a racket game that is believed to be a clone between tennis and badminton played mostly in the US. badminton or tennis

Aug 18, 2014  Tennis courts are larger than badminton courts. A tennis court is 36 feet wide and 78 feet long while a badminton court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. Tennis rackets are much larger and heavier than badminton rackets. The head of a tennis racket can be 90 100 square inches going up to 27. 5 inches long.

Aug 25, 2015 Badminton vs Tennis. What is the difference between badminton and tennis? The difference in these two types of sports is in the kind of equipment used, how they are played and size of court on which they are played. Badminton and tennis differ completely in so many ways. badminton or tennis

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