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ATP TENNIS RANKINGS HISTORY The No. 1 Players Tweet From 1973 to 1999 the ATP utilized a 52week Ranking System that now is used for the ATP Entry Ranking.This statistic shows the top 50 tennis players of the men's ATP rankings based on ranking points. As of January 28th, 2019, Novak Djokovic is the number one player on the ATP rankings with 10, 955 mens no 1 tennis player 2013

List of UK number 1 men's tennis players. Read in another language Watch this page Edit The UK number 1 in men's tennis is the male tennis player representing the United Kingdom who has the highest ATP ranking. Contents. List 2013: Andy Murray: 2: 1 2014: Andy Murray: 4: 1 2015: Andy Murray: 2: 1 2016:

Rafael Nadal is currently ranked no. 1 men's singles tennis player (2010). Currently in 2013 Facebook is ranked at number 2, behind Google. com. This web site is ranked 20th on the listing. share: Check out the Men's tennis worldwide rankings for 2019, here at ESPN. com.mens no 1 tennis player 2013 Tennis' official singles rankings of the ATP Tour, featuring Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Alexander Zverev and more.

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Sep 10, 2013 Rafael Nadal may have won the 2013 U. S. Open title, but Novak Djokovic is still the No. 1 ranked player in the world. The final showed some of their best tennis, and that both players are far mens no 1 tennis player 2013 Feb 19, 2013 My Top 10 Greatest Men's Tennis Players of Open Era Times: 1. Roger Federer 20 GS titles, 98 titles overall, 6 tour finals, 310 weeks as top1. His h2h against Djokovic doesn't mean that much, I'm open for discussion in that matter. His h2h with Nadal could indeed be better and Nadal bested him on Wimbledon, while he never could beat Nadal on RG. World number 1 ranked male tennis players is a yearbyyear listing of the male tennis players who were, at the end of a full calendar year of play, at the time, generally considered to be the best overall for that entire calendar year. The runnerup for each year is also listed as is a summary of the reasons why both were ranked as such, which includes the performance of the players in major 104 rows Pete Sampras holds the record of six yearend No. 1 rankings, which were in consecutive years from 1993 through 1998. Six players have stayed at ATP No. 1 in the rankings every week of a calendar year. Roger Federer is the only player to have been ranked No. 1 every week for three consecutive calendar years. Apr 03, 2019  Tennis: Men's singles players who have held the ATP Tour No. 1 ranking Tennis: Men's singles players who have held the No. 1 ranking in ATP Tour history Tennis: Men's singles players