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Youth Pistol Competitor Emily Robinson Steps Into The Next Arena. THE DAY HAD ARRIVED and it was time for my first 3Gun match. I arrived at the range and everything was new. Id never been to this facility, didnt know very many people there and the stages looked longer and more complicated than pistolThe Basics of 3Gun Shooting. Scoring is based on time and hits minus penalties, with each stage assigned match points based on degree of difficulty. But, in a nutshell, the shooter who hits the most targets in the least amount of time wins Its very exciting, requiring a combination of shooting speed and accuracy with different guns, first 3 gun match

May 01, 2017 I attend my first USPSA Multigun 3 gun Championship in Frostproof, FL at Universal Shooting Academy. I got to meet a ton of cool people and some female shooters like Anniston Baluyot, Jessica Hook

Apr 28, 2014  My First 3Gun Match EVER! (Walnut Grove 3Gun) Once the timer buzzed you ran through the house and stopped at the doorway to engage 12 rifle targets. You then left your rifle in the barrel and moved forward to the fault line to shoot a steel plate rack and then a spinner with your pistol. This was my very first stage at my very first match, Shot my first 3 gun match yesterday match report. submitted 4 years ago by [deleted I mentioned in a Wednesday Buyday thread I was doing my first 3 gun match and there a few replies and messages from people interested in starting out as well, so I thought I'd do a match report and give a firstfirst 3 gun match Sep 24, 2002 There were 3 carbine stages, 2 pistol stages and 3 shotgun stages. I had a blast, and I encourage anyone that hos not shot one of the 3gun matches to do so. I just identify myself at the registration table as being a newbie to 3gun matches and they grouped me with some people that took good care of me.

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May 07, 2006 Well shot my first 3 gun match Saturday at the local range Pitt County Wildlife Club. My equipment XD 9, Mossberg 500 mariner (5 shot magazine) and a BWK92 wcheap red dot scope(AK variant). Yes I know I need to get something that holds 8 but for now it s what I got. first 3 gun match First, search around online to find a 3gun match in your area that is open to the public and at least a few weeks away. A great place to start is 3gunnation. com. Nov 08, 2016 I shot with the first place shooter in my stage and noticed his rifle stayed flat when fired any he was able to fire very fast. Miclek comp and adjustable gas. His pistol was a 2011 9 or 38 super and barley recoiled, and his Beretta comp shotgun, he'd throw 4 shells in one motion. Shot my first 3 gun match, how do I get faster? Oct 15, 2013 Going to be going to my first three gun match in October and am currently undecided on which of my shotguns to use here are my choices: 1a)Mossberg 500 field with 28in ported barrel with 3 accu chokes 51 capacity