How to qualify for aqha world show barrel racing

2019-12-07 08:57

Barrel Racing Points We do not have many AQHA shows with barrel racing in our area but we do have a lot of NBHA shows. I'd like to see some way to get points at the NBHA shows for the placings against other AQHA registered horses that would let us get permanent points and qualify for the world show, select world show, get ROM's, etc.State Invites: For the 2019 World Show in the Amateur division, the amateurhorse combination will be required to reach at least half the points set as the minimum to qualify in order to be invited as an affiliatestate invitee in each particular class (for example: if the minimum number of points set to qualify for Amateur Aged Mares is 9. 5, the invitee must have reached at least 4. 5 points in order to how to qualify for aqha world show barrel racing

Jan 03, 2013 all of that information is in that link, you have to click on the Qualifying Handbook and it will come up with all the rules and regulations page 9 shows the rules for earning the points, the other handbook right underneath listed Qualifying Points for the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show that one tells you how many points you have to earn for each class in every division. hope this can help!

To qualify for the World Show, Eisenzimmer had to win barrel racing and pole bending events at state and regional quarter horse shows throughout the AQHA show season. A rider needs threeandahalf points to qualify. Riders choose to circle either the right or left barrel first, race to the opposite barrel and complete the course after circling the third barrel and racing down the center of the three barrels to stop the timer. Knocking over a barrel carries a fivesecond penalty. Barrel racing ishow to qualify for aqha world show barrel racing

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