Fitness ball workouts

2019-10-14 00:58

Aug 15, 2014  Go aheadhave an (inflatable) ball. When it comes to fitness equipment, theres little that works your whole body better. To stay on the ballliterallyyoure forced to engage all your muscles, which builds strength and improves stability.Remember how much fun it was to play with a ball when you were a child? A simple sphere was an endless source of inspiration and activity. And it still is. Using an exercise ball can be a fitness ball workouts

Stability ball exercises are exercises performed on a stability ball. This can be anything from a crunch to plank and pushup to squat. . Research has shown that when these exercises are performed on a ball instead of the floor or a stable surface, they become 24 to 38 more effective and challenging to the core, balance, and stability (). We think a stability ball is a must have for just about

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