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The Research. First off, Wheaties is a wholewheat cereal, so it has too much slowdigesting fiber to properly goose insulin levels. Instead, substitute your favorite childhood sugary cereal to get the fastdigesting carbohydrates and boost insulin as high as you can. (After workouts, this anabolic hormone helps refill glycogen storesDec 18, 2018 Protein Bar. Sandwich Sandwiches can be a beneficial postworkout meal because they provide carbohydrates from the bread and protein from the meat filling. Sandwiches may be preferable to premade meals because you can control the calorie content and nutritional ratio by choosing different meats and bread. sugar cereal post workout

Sep 23, 2016 Researchers asked one group to have a sports drink after their workout, and another group had a bowl of wholegrain cereal and nonfat milk. The group that ate the milk and cereal had positive results in stimulating muscle recovery. In fact, the milk and cereal were superior to the sports drink in restocking

According to many experts, glucose is the best sugar to take after a workout. Glucose is ideal for post workout because it is a simple sugar that is easy to digest. After exercise, all the sugar supplies in the body are depleted and that is why it is important to take something that is easy to digest. It is an ideal choice for a postworkout breakfast. You can also try Kashi's Go Lean Crunch Cereal for more flavor options, which still provide a healthy 9 grams of protein per servingsugar cereal post workout 10 Healthy Post Workout Snacks By Naomi Tupper, RD Leave a Comment Researched Based Article Depending on when you exercise, it may be necessary to have a small snack after your workout to tide you over until the next meal.

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Apr 16, 2014 Ice cream. Ice cream is not just a sweet, refreshing postworkout treat. The sugars in ice cream create the same insulin spike as jam does that promotes muscle building and prevents muscle breakdown. Celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello says that eating some ice cream is beneficial up to two hours after a workout. sugar cereal post workout Dec 14, 2015 Post workout cereal. BTW, Fiber One is one of the few cold cereals I'd recommend (at least for nonpostworkout) as the fiber content is super high (14g) and it has no sugar. Many socalled healthy, high fiber cereals actually only have a little more fiber than regular kiddie cereals and have sugar as the second or third ingredient. Oct 13, 2017 Hello, I'm currently on a clean bulk which has been pretty successful this far, but looking to maximize muscle gain. I've heard sugar post workout is great, so I was wondering how much sugar post workout is good, and in what form. Particularly, would dry sugary cereal (in my case the red berries kind by special K 9g sugarserving) be a good simple carb to have with my protein shake post workout? Dec 14, 2015 Studies have shown junk cereal is ideal for post workout. I have dieted down to 6 using Whey Isolate& Fruity pebbles and or Kellogs Smores. The main ingediant in the smores is Dextrose. It works well if you need to keep your sanity. Apr 21, 2012 Post workout cereal? For my post workout carbs I usually just add sugar to my shake, but I know its better to use a mix of simple sugar and whole grains. Im thinking of eating some of the sugary cereal I loved as a kid, since I usually avoid it any other time.