How to train a dog to fetch a tennis ball

2020-04-02 05:35

Sep 16, 2014  Either way, match the length of your game to whats fun and safe for your dog. If shell fetch the ball a dozen times and then bail out, limit your fetch games to 10 throws and leave her wanting more. If shell play till she drops, end the game when shes pleasantly tired and relaxed. Step 1: Teach Your Dog to Wait for You to Throw the BallAug 28, 2017 In this video, you will learn stepbystep how to train any dog to fetch. The methods used in this video are based on the science of learning and utilize positive reinforcement as a primary tool. how to train a dog to fetch a tennis ball

Probably the most hilarious way to train your puppy to play fetch with a tennis ball is this method. It all starts with a tennis ball (appropriately sized). Punch a hole on opposite sides, string some yarn cut to about 8 through both holes, and tie knots in the ball end to secure the ball on the rope.

The most obviously important thing to consider when playing fetch with a tennis ball with your little dog, is the ball. A standard tennis ball is generally too big for most little mouths, but a ball that is too small could be accidentally swallowed and choked on. Your dog should be able to easily catch the ball in her mouth, but compare the size of the ball to your dogs throat to einsure it wont fit in. Step 1. If your puppy won't let go of the toy, simply use the treat as a bribe. Hold the treat just in front of his nose and wait for him to drop the toy praise your dog and give him the treat as soon as the toy drops from his mouth. Practice this simple game in 5 minute blocks, at least a couple of times a to train a dog to fetch a tennis ball A tennis ball gets more recommendations as the best toy to use to teach fetch but there are many choices to choose from. Let the dog know every time it picks up the ball and brings it

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