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2019-09-19 20:54

Mar 05, 2014 Nearly 60 of jobs on Government website may have been placed by bogus firms. Nearly 60 of employment advertised on the Universal Jobmatch scheme could have been placed by bogus firms some of which have been demanding upfront fees from applicants for fake background checks. Employment Minister Esther McVey revealed 179 businesses advertisingFind a job. Search and apply for full or parttime jobs in Great Britain. The Find a job service has replaced Universal Jobmatch. This page is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg). Search for jobs in bogus jobs universal jobmatch

Dec 12, 2012 A bogus ad seeking a James Bondstyle 'target elimination specialist' for MI6 is among thousands that have been removed from the Universal Jobmatch site.

DWP letter: Universal Jobmatch fake jobs issue is real. The Department for Work and Pensions press office has today contacted UnemployedNet in response to an article we published on 6th March. This carried allegations made by Labour MP Frank Field that the government's Universal Jobmatch site was hosting fake jobs, Aug 07, 2014  Government website plagued with bogus and duplicated job ads. Universal Jobmatch is no ordinary job board jobseekers can be stripped of their benefits for not using it, writes Ed Howker. But all this year, Channel 4 News has been looking into problems on the site, which is plagued with bogus, duplicated or inappropriate job ads.bogus jobs universal jobmatch Watch out for this Universal Jobmatch scam by SKWAWKBOX (SW) in Uncategorized. Much has been written, both on this blog and elsewhere, about the serious problems with both the security of the DWPs Universal Jobmatch (UJ) system, and with the quality (or lack of, to be precise) of the jobs posted up there.

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Feb 07, 2014  More than 11, 000 positions currently advertised on the governments Universal Jobmatch website may be bogus, an investigation by Channel 4 News has found. The jobs, which range from sous chefs to dry cleaners, account for almost onein bogus jobs universal jobmatch Mar 16, 2014 Universal Jobmatch likely to be jettisoned after it was found to be carrying a series of fake, repeat or fraudulent jobs ads Skip to main content The Guardian Back to home