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Supposedly it took eKanoo 14 years and a whole lot of money (testing, rebuidling etc) to cut (1) second. From running in the 6's to getting into the 5's. I remember in 2012 when they ran 6. 34. Took them 3 years just to shave 310's.Motec tuner Shane Tecklenburg offers racing consulting both onsite at events and remotely over the internet. With over 20 years of of success in competition in many forms of Motorsports from drag racing, to land speed racing to sports cars. Our clients continue to set the pace in their respective categories worldwide. Learn More e kanoo racing documentary

Dec 27, 2016  For the better part of 2016, EKanoo Racings Pro GT86 held the import world record (5. 774 @ 246. MPH), established back in January 11. Since then, the Pro GT86 was tuned in to run consistent 5. 8s in order to be competitive in US soil at PDRA, while

Jul 24, 2013  EKanoo Racing, recently sold one of its prized race vehicles. The Pro 86 as it was dubbed by the team was a Toyota GT86 bodied Pro Mod which was crafted at the EKanoo Racing factory in the Kingdom of Bahrain. EKanoo Racing RCF Announced. Our friends at EKanoo Racing, in Bahrain, have already begun working on their next drag racing creation! The rendering shows their new Lexus RCF built for Super Street 8. The RCF will feature the same engine that has powered some ofe kanoo racing documentary Apr 21, 2017 The Final episode of the Beyond Boundaries Series is out! This 2 hours long documentary comes after a very long season with 5 rounds and participating in several different categories! Our fans

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The long awaited documentary is here for you folks who don't do social media. Filmed early this year (2018) at the Bahrain International circuit it tells the story of our efforts to get back the worlds quickest and fastest street legal 14 mile title. It's long, but well worth the watch as it's all real life. e kanoo racing documentary Jun 12, 2019 MechTech Institue has two cars running consistently in the really low 6's, Titan Motorsports has one as well, along with two teams called Major League and El Jerry. The sport compact world is about to be invaded by 5 second cars, thanks in part to Ekanoo racing for paving the way. What Does It Take To Build The The World's Fastest Supra? That's why we're suckers for this lovely minifilm covering the back story of the Titan MotosportsE Kanoo Racing but the E Kanoo AMS Alpha G: The Road To Six. VIDEO. By TheSpeedhunters. AMS Performance, has released a halfhourlong documentary on the accomplishment. plus Alpha Logic in the UAE and EKanoo Racing in Bahrain its the sweetest one yet. Engineering a GTR to cover the quartermile so quickly and break new ET ground for an allwheel drive EkanooRacing's PRO RCF RAN 5. [email protected] (272MPH) Video# 2 watch funny videos and movies high quality, best funny new released Funny11. com Funny11. com