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2020-01-19 21:58

Jul 12, 2012 Hi, your posts on index match saved me! One strange issue arises, however, with a threecriteria index match. The first two criteria are a date and a ticker symbol. The third criteria is a text string written as Buy .Jun 19, 2019  Index Match Match Function across different worksheets I asked a question similar to this on Friday and got a pretty good answer but it was just missing one detail. I index match multiple criteria different sheet

Nov 20, 2016  In the result cell, I want to have the formula reference my set of data (located on another sheet), then match to a value in the row above (in the same column as the result cell) as well as match to a value in the column to the left (on the same row as the result cell) and return the result value.

Jul 26, 2011 Index Match Multiple Criteria Multiple Sheets I am trying to display information in the Compare sheet using data that corresponds to 3 different criteria. I would like to enter in a pattern name (AM, MD, PM, PO, etc. ) that corresponds to the sheet containing data that is organized per ID and Phasing Data . Go back to the Summary tab and build the formula using the INDEXMATCH approach. (Here is a link to a guide to using INDEX() and MATCH() functions. ) The syntax of the INDEX() function is: INDEX(array, rownum, [columnnum) array: This is the area where the answer is. rownum: How many rows it has to go down to find the answer.index match multiple criteria different sheet Aug 01, 2017 As the title suggests I'm looking to do an IndexMatch in multiples sheets but to also return multiple results. I know how to return multiple results with Stack Overflow

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Jan 31, 2018 Any idea how I can indexmatch over four sheets. These are the two formulas i have for column B& C index match multiple criteria different sheet Jun 14, 2016 Re: Index and Match with multiple criteria from a different sheet. It is using the exact same cells. One is using H17 and I17, and the other is using D4 and E4.