Illegalargumentexception argument type mismatch struts

2020-01-19 22:54

Jayanthi, correct me if I'm wrong, but what I've understood from the post is that is a list of bean objects. Right. . ? ? ? If that's the case how can you assign a list as the property of an tag.May 06, 2013 I want to populate a list of strings from a form. My form bean: public class TaskForm extends ActionForm List task new ArrayList(); public List illegalargumentexception argument type mismatch struts

Mar 07, 2008 Re: argument type mismatch Dec 15, 2007 10: 31 AM ( in response to ) Hi, Well its quite clear that struts is trying to copy the equally named fields from on object to another but the types are incompatible in one of the fields i. e. the src is a String but the target field is a Date.

Thanks Guys. But my tag syntax is correct in all respect. Infact I have used it in the past without any problems. In, the form bean contains an array of objects in the property planList that we want the label and values to come from. Nov 25, 2008  Re: argument type mismatch Nov 25, 2008 1: 40 AM (in response to ) Which is completely unrelated to your scriptlet inillegalargumentexception argument type mismatch struts Hi, Could u paste your jsp code and the respective action section from the strutsconfig. xml file. . ? ? Liju

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