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2020-02-26 22:54

The Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing event at the Rock Creek Racing and Recreation Off Road Park overlooks the Arkansas River Valley. About 1, 300 attendees gathered at the 2015 Rally in the Valley. The event is considered to provide a fun sense of community among locals and visitors.Nov 15, 2015 Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing in Kentucky. We took the trip up to Dirty Nasty Off Road Park in Morehead, Kentucky for their Extreme Barbie Jeep Race. This is a fairly new park that is not afraid to get out the heavy equipment to make a good course. extreme barbie jeep racing 2015

Barbie Jeep Racing Gets Wild at RBD. The 2015 Season of Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing has been one heck of a wild ride to say the least. We have been all over the place bombing hills on these sketchy little machines. It all came down to our season finale that takes place every year in the small town of

Sep 12, 2015  Extreme Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing is exactly what it sounds like. Two crazy people get in a toy jeep and race it down a seriously sketchy hillside while surrounded by a Dec 23, 2015  Another good example of budgetminded redneck entertainment is Barbie Jeep Racing, which is exactly what the name implies. Basically, you take one of those plastic Jeeps you see kids riding around in, take out the electric motor and race it down a steep, usually rocklittered hill. If that sounds dangerous to you, thats because it is.extreme barbie jeep racing 2015 MENDON Plastic Barbie Jeeps aren't just for kids anymore. A new northern Utah group recently held its first Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing event, with grown men and women squeezing on the tiny

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Many of us are familiar with the world of Barbie Jeep Racing and if you arent then you are definitely in for a great treat. Racers from all over travel to Delta, Alabama for the Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Finals at RBD. In this video we watch some of the crazy slips from the wild downhill Barbie Jeep Races. extreme barbie jeep racing 2015