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Jun 02, 2013  Highest Paid NBA Players 2013 Doug PensingerGetty Images Not surprisingly, once again Kobe Bryant (whose Lakers got booted from the playoffs last week) is the highest paid NBA playerThe highestpaid NBA players by season has recently eclipsed 40 million. Larry Bird was the first player to earn 5 million or more with a salary of 7, 070, 000 in the season. Magic Johnson became the first player to earn 10 million or more in the 9495 season with a salary of 14, 660, 000. lakers players salaries 2013

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Los Angeles Lakers Salary Cap Totals. The Lakers are currently over the league salary cap. This means Cap Holds& Exceptions are NOT included in their Total Cap Allocations, and renouncing these figures will not afford them any cap space. The team may only sign outside players using any available exceptions or at league minimum salaries. Free agency negotiation starts on July 1, 2013, with players being able to sign starting July 10, after the July moratorium ends. The following players, who last played for an NBA team in, are scheduled to become free agents. All players will be unrestricted free agents unless indicated otherwise.lakers players salaries 2013 Los Angeles Lakers Salary Archive. Projected Space (63. 2 million cap estimate): Up to 29. 0 million.

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Payroll summary for the Los Angeles Lakers. Payroll Table Salary; Player Age lakers players salaries 2013 Los Angeles Lakers Team Salary. Share; Tweet; Quick: . Jordan Clarkson becomes first Lakers player to win Rookie of the Month LUYOL. A player on a TwoWay contract is principally a DLeague player, but he can spend up to 45 days with his affiliate NBA team. His salary is prorated by day, depending on which team he is on, and he can only play for the affiliated NBA team while on a TwoWay contract. Qualified players in the top 20 Includes fullseason stats for all players who saw court time during the regular season or playoffs Salaries More Lakers Pages