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2019-10-20 03:08

11 Retired Players Still Being Paid by Their Old Teams. In fact, some basketball players have jumped on the deferred money bandwagon over the last couple of years. And in a world where players like Jrue Holliday and Otto Porter make 25 million a year, its only reasonable to expect more of these deals in all sports in the future. So here are 11 retired players still raking in major paydays.Dec 14, 2015  Still, the Philadelphia Flyers defenseman wont play another game of professional hockey again. He will, however, be paid nearly 5 million a year until 2017 to remain on the team but not play. Not a bad early retirement plan. ex nba players still getting paid

Nov 05, 2018  Paid until: . Last played in the NBA: . Larry Sanders. Suckers whore paying him: Milwaukee Bucks. Money owed since getting waived: 9. 3 million. Paid until: . Last played in the NBA: (last played for Milwaukee in ) Kevin Martin. Suckers whore paying him: Minnesota Timberwolves. Money owed since getting waived: 2. 7 million. Paid until:

Jan 26, 2019 NBA teams have been using the stretch provision quite often now, and there are some players who have been waived this way, and are still getting paid by teams to not play. Who are some these player? Jan 06, 2017  Ive heard Jalen Rose explain on the Jalen& Jacoby podcast that while most players get direct deposits every two weeks, some players choose different arrangements according to Jalen Rose, Kobe Bryant got paid only twice a year. With a huge contex nba players still getting paid More than 70 NBA players are being paid a total of more than 177m USD not to play for their former teams. The incredible riches owed to former players includes the likes of stars Dwyane Wade, Tim

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Mar 25, 2014 10 Retired Athletes Who Continue to Earn Millions. In just a slightly better situation were retired NBA players, with 60 of them being broke within five years of leaving the game. That, despite the fact that NBA superstars earn the highest average annual salary in sports (5 million). ex nba players still getting paid Nov 29, 2018  Even though that money wasnt part of Duncans huge deal that was one of the biggest in NBA history, the Spurs still owe him 1. 8 million through. Next: A payday that is three times as much as this player made as a rookie. 4. Jim Edmonds The Cardinals still have to pay Jim Edmonds every year. Scott RovakAFPGetty Images. League: MLB