Kohli flying kiss to anushka in match

2019-10-18 14:07

Watch: Flying kiss! From Virat Kohli to Anushka Sharma with love in Nottingham. Another longstanding problem for England has been their slip catching and they floored their fifth chance in the cordon this match when second slip Buttler, a wicketkeeper by trade, grassed a low, lefthanded chance after Pujara, on 40, edged James Anderson.Anushka, who has been often attended RCBs matches in IPL, was also seen waving a kiss towards Kohli during the match. The crowd also cheered for Anushka, whenever she was captured by the cameras. The glamour quotient was high during the RCB vs KXIP match as while Anushka was rooting for Kohli's men, Kings XI Punjab coowner Preity Zinta was cheering as always for her Punjabi kohli flying kiss to anushka in match

Apr 14, 2018  Anushka Sharma Blew A Flying Kiss To Virat Kohli After He Won The Match. Check Video Inside! There were many times when Anushka had been blamed for Indias loss and Virat has timeandagain proved, how good a partner he is, by firmly standing up against such trolls and sharing how Anushka Sharma is the source of his motivation and support.

Nov 11, 2014 Watch Virat Kohli's flying kiss to Anushka Sharma during an ODI match between India and Sri Lanka. Nov 10, 2014 Watch Virat Kohli's flying kiss to Anushka Sharma during an ODI match between India and Sri Lanka.kohli flying kiss to anushka in match Nov 10, 2014  OhMyGod, they are such a cutieNow that they are getting close to making their relationship official, check this out. Virat blows a flying kiss to Anushka during his recent ODI match!

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Aug 21, 2018 India captain and batting mainstay Virat Kohli blew a flying kiss to his wife Anushka Sharma after slamming 23rd Test century. kohli flying kiss to anushka in match Aug 20, 2018  Watch: Virat Kohli blows a kiss to Anushka after 58th international hundred. He scored four centuries in South Africa (three in ODIs and one in Tests) and two in England so far this year. This century was his 58th overall. Kohli also joined Virender Sehwag and Steve Smith with 23 centuries in Test cricket. Kohli now has 440 runs from three matches in the series. England's Jonny Bairstow is Aug 21, 2018 Team India is playing a test match series with England. And, after Virat scored his 23rd Test century, he blew a flying kiss to wifey Anushka Sharma. She was presented at the stands and cheering for her hubby. He had pointed his bat towards her and blew a flying kiss. Anushka also blew a flying kiss in response to hubby Virat. Jul 13, 2018 Anushka Sharma gives a flying kiss to her victorious husband Virat Kohli Anushka accompanies her husband in the Stadium more often than not these days. by Aditya Author