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How can the answer be improved?Jun 29, 2017  Das haben wir uns alle nicht gedacht! Ein Status Match zu Lufthansa Miles and More Senator. Hrt sich sogar falsch oder crazy an, aber ist mglich Lufthansa greift Alitalia an und versucht sich deren Kunden zu bemchtigen. Fr Italien (! ! ! ) gibt es die Mglichkeit eines Status Match zu Senator und Frequent Traveller. topbonus status match senator

Es gibt manchmal Status Match Angebote, wie aktuell von Alitalia MilleMiglia oder airberlin topbonus. Wenn Sie allerdings bei topbonus einen hohen Status haben und in Zukunft nur noch Lufthansa fliegen wollen, dann lohnt sich eventuell eine Initiativbewerbung bei Miles& More fr einen Status Match.

Iberia Adds Status Match in the Wake of Air Berlin Shut Down. If youre used to being spoiled as an elite on one airline, it can be rough to go back to the ground floor on another airline or alliance. Status matches allow you to jump to a new airline while still retaining key perks like lounge access, free checked luggage and bonus miles. Jun 14, 2017  Status matches are the easiest way of gaining elite status with every airline in the world. So why do so few people know how to do them? Here's my perfectly simple 2topbonus status match senator Air Berlin topbonus is most likely to Match Status based on 22 of 29 submitted reports (76).

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Jul 23, 2007  airberlin topbonus Air Berlin (AB) Status match I recently decided to shift some business to AB as 125 miles are not making me too happy. Did Air Berlin (AB) Status match topbonus status match senator Etihad Airways Status Match. Air Berlin topbonus to Etihad Guest Contacted through Etihad Guest website, and received a response stating that there was currently no status match promotion. Mail with photo of senator Card and Account Balance From: Guest September 21, 2017 Deny ANA Mileage Club to Etihad Guest Now they don't have any Oct 13, 2017  Topbonus Gold& Platinum members as well as Lufthansa Senator& HON Circle members are able to get a match for Iberia Oro (Gold) which is a oneWorld Sapphire status that comes with lounge access. The tier match landing page isnt exactly clear in its instructions as it prompts people to fill in an enrollment form and to send it to the tier match specific email address. Oct 13, 2017  Status match out your Air Berlin or Lufthansa status. Miles& More Senator and HON Circle Members, as well as TopBonus Gold and Platinum members, receive the Iberia Plus Oro status which is oneworld Sapphire status. If you dont have an account with Iberias program, you can sign up now and pick up a 1000 Avios for registering. Oct 14, 2017 Get an Iberia Plus status match for Miles& More and Topbonus members. If you are a Topbonus or Miles& More member, Iberia Plus will match your status, albeit some people will be downgraded a notch. This means that Topbonus members will keep some of their oneworld status benefits and Miles& More members will gain them. Topbonus Ruby andor