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Mar 03, 2015 The tennis backhand slice is one of the most commonly used tennis strokes in modern tennis. The backhand slice technique is used in several instances in tennis matches as it is among the best shots to win tennis matches. The backhand slice can be used as transition tactic when a player wants to play in the net.Play better tennis with free tennis lessons at Essential Tennis. We offer video tennis instruction, pro tennis player analysis, tennis podcast, WTA, ATP, and more. Home Backhand Slice Lesson. Video 1 Drop Shot: Video 2 Backhand Slice: Video 3 Lob Like The Pros: Slice backhand is essential in doubles, keeping the ball low backhand slice tennis video

Hitting the backhand slice can be very challenging for beginner players. Home Theory How To Backhand Slice In Tennis The Right Way. How To Backhand Slice In Tennis The Right Way. by Chad Walner Theres a ton of information in this step, so pay attention. If you watch the video I made and read this blog post, its probably

Tennis Slice The Backhand Slice is a great alternative to the Backhand Topspin. The Backhand Slice is often used by OneHanded Backhand players because of their ability to disguise the shot. OneHanded and TwoHanded Backhand players use the Slice to: . Change up the pace Dec 06, 2018  The importance of backhand techniques. Today, having a good backhand is crucial in table tennis. Unlike 20 years ago, you can become a very good player with onewing style. But with the new trend, the speed and power will dominate the playing style in this sport. . Its not only the tool which helps you initiate the first attack. Its also one of the best ways to win the point.backhand slice tennis video Sep 22, 2013  The backhand slice is one of the most common shots in recreational tennis, yet in most cases the slice is floating up too high and is easy to attack. The following backhand slice tip helps you develop that extra bite on the slice (whether backhand or forehand) and change the slice from a

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Backhand slice tennis video free

Aug 26, 2016  Why You Need This: In this video, Tennis Backhand Slice 3 Keys to Improve Today! youll discover how to develop a great, low backhand slice with tons of backspin. Now, the backhand slice is the detriment to tons of players But it doesnt have to be. backhand slice tennis video Jul 29, 2017 A solid backhand slice is a MUST for your tennis arsenal, but what if all your slice does is set up your opponent with an easy, floating shot? In this lesson we'll take you stepbystep through Jul 12, 2016  And youll start really getting a feel for KNIFING the backhand slice. Thanks so much for watching this video, I had a great time making it for you. This entry was posted in Osa Tennis 360 HD Video Lessons (New subscribers) and tagged backhand, backhand slice, Federer, roger federer, slice. The video features former top 20 ATP player Hank Pfister discussing the technique and effectiveness of a onehanded backhand slice. 1) A slice backhand drive crosscourt and then a slice backhand drop shot down the line! 2) A slice backhand down the line to set up an attack forehand drive! 3) A slice backhand sharp angle to set up a topspin backhand down the line attack! 4) A slice backhand approach down