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Oct 21, 2018 The drag racer killed in a horrific fiery crash early Sunday in Queens documented his final hours on social media. documenting his last night of racing. Video length 2 minutes 11 seconds 2: 11One of the deadliest crashes in racing history threatened to destroy Ferraris name. At the 1957 Mille Miglia, racer Fon Portago and his codriver Edmund Nelson were racing through a small village when they struck a ditch and their car was launched into a crowd, killing both of the drivers and nine spectators, five of whom were children. racing videos crashes

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Many of these crashes were fatal. Automobile racing is a dangerous sport, and this list should serve as proof of the bravery (foolhardiness? ) race car drivers exhibit out on the track. Thankfully, vehicle safety technology has increased greatly throughout the years and fatalities have become much less common. Apr 17, 2017  [Video Big Crash in 10, 000 Drag Race Grudge Match. After a heated Facebook argument, two racers took to the track ending with one car walking away with 10k, and the other car eating a guard rail. 1320 Video captured this race between Da Boogeyman (Camaro) racing out of Colorado and the Honey Badger (Nova) racingracing videos crashes Jul 01, 2018 Racing and Rally Crash Compilation Week 31 July 2016. 0: 52 1, 954, 488 Views. Accident Videos

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Video: Vintage Racing Crash Compilation. Fire was probably a death sentence if you didnt get out the moment it started. With fuel tanks mounted close the the driver and very little protection in the car from exposure to the flames or the fuel cars caught fire quickly and drivers had little time to escape. racing videos crashes Jun 08, 2012  INSANE DRAG RACING CRASHES AND WHEELSTANDS. jackitado. 10: 59. INSANE CRASHES, WHEELSTANDS, & SAVES Carnage Fest 2016. deerthako. 5: 13. When MUSTANGS ATTACK! INSANE Drag Racing Crashes. Garrett Ross. 33: 20. drag racing car crashes worst and most spectacular drag racing crashes. Race Car Crashes. 6: 22. 13 INSANE DRAG RACING CRASHES Car crash videos, truck wrecks, motor vehicle accidents, insurance scams& more all caught on dashcam, roadcam, or other type of dashboard camera. Vintage Race Car Crashes Around 4minutes of the most insane vintage race crashes. We like to think that everyone walked away with their lives and most of their limbs.